Hi Folks and welcome to "Tabs for fun" Ukulele. Got some request from people to share my tunes (and others) as tabs and notes. So here we go! All tabs and arrangements is written in D6 linear tuning but is working on other tunings as well (if you forget the chord names). All tabs and arrangements is for personal/teaching use.
                                              Have fun!!.;-)Pelle


Single player arr. Multiple player arr.
Twinkle little star, easy Gånglåt från Mästocka,  2 voices
Fall Raindrops 1:st Song, 2 voices
Feel Free Brookfield Blossoms, 3 voices
Sus Surroundings Pentatonic Waltz, 2 voices
Raggdoll Broder Jakob, 3 voices (canon)
Have a nice day Lizard walking, 2 voices
Fattig Bonddräng Golles Waltz, 3 voices
  Crawdad Song, 3 voices
  Follow Me , 4 voices (very funny, easy but very hard)
  Auld Lang Syne, 2 voices